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Destroy Apps!

App = Application (not appetizer). As always, break rules when needed.

  • Don’t make an app when one already exists.
  • Pick the solution with the least complexity.
  • Use an appropriate, standard topology.
  • Don’t force an app to support your unrelated task.
    • If two apps would do similar things, consider creating a shared library.
  • Use good form, but don’t solve problems that don’t exist.
  • Periodically re-evaluate if your solution is appropriate, and redesign as needed.

  • Destroy shovelware and microtransactions.
  • Purchase software once, use forever. Subscribe only to data access and compute resources.

What can you do?

  • If youre making an app, read the above!
  • Find a vulnerability! Aditya has some good notes.
  • Abuse the app until it doesn’t function for anyone!
  • Become intimate friends with the creators and convince them to stop.

What is this?

Im just saying and doing stuff. Its not that important.