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Okay, this is the first post im making with this site setup. I previously had a sort of a blog on Wordpress, but I was using the free version. This was fine to me, as I always have and adblocker running. However, one of my friends mentioned that my site was covered in crazy ads, some of them even blocking content. This is pretty much unacceptable, so I immediately took down the site.

Over time, I bought a domain name, and then finally decided to set this up. Jeckyll seems like a very user-friendly platform, and the best part is I dont even have to strongly commit to a theme - Github lets you easily switch by changing one single line. How convienient!

I’ll port over some of my old posts, but honestly most of them weren’t that good. I’ll have a place for thoughts like this, as well as a dedicated place to spotlight personal projects. Like an art student.

I also am considering starting a section for my text files that I use for myself to remember how I did things. Usually they are pretty simple - like how to use screen (without opening the man page) or how to format and mount drives in linux. Some are more complex how-to guides, like how to set up a rpi to broadcast its own wifi network that you can then ssh into the pi from. I won’t give any more spoilers ;)