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Stochastic Modeling of the Lunar Impact Environment

Purdue Undergraduate Research Exposition, Fall 2020

With the help of Dr. Ilias Bilionis


To advance the Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitat Institute’s goals of designing a habitat on a planetary surface, the exterior environment was modeled to test the system’s reactions to disturbances. This study followed a literature review characterizing the lunar impact environment performed in early 2020, and focused on turning that information into a model in the MATLAB programming language for use with other systems being developed by RETHi. The generation of impact events depends on a four-element Poisson process in space, time, mass, and velocity. The dependencies between these factors were taken into account when generating values. Covered in the report are the dependent factors, equations used, assumptions made, and resulting data generated. These results can be useful for any planetary surface impact model, but the Moon provides a wealth of data for generating exact values.

Risk Assessment and Literature Review of External Environment

Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference, Spring 2020

Written with Darya Corry, and the help of Dr. Ilias Bilionis


Extraterrestrial habitats have to survive under incredibly harsh environments. This project is meant to analyze the amount of damage done to an extraterrestrial habitat due to planetary dust interference and meteorite impacts. A set of specifications for robotic agents meant to correct the damage done to the system can be drawn from this research to help ensure the survival of the habitat. The habitat should be self-sustainable with these robots such that human interference is not necessary in the maintenance of the habitat.